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Ralph must stick with Joe until his job is complete. Although the boy wants him to go away, he just can’t—not until he has persuaded Joe to give baseball another shot and to believe in himself. Joe tries to run away, thinking he can ditch Ralph, but thanks to Ralph’s magic, it isn’t that simple. Finally, the elf convinces the boy he should not give up so easily, and they head back to the baseball field to try again. Will Joe succeed and overcome his fears?




A sweet story for children who may be struggling with confidence or perseverance. Ralph is written rhythmically in such a way that it brings back tender memories of all the Dr Suess books that we all know and love.

– Thomas Macri


Such a cute book with a hint of Dr Suess, whom I love to read. I gave this to my nieces and they have lots of fun reading it. Colorful illustrations make reading easy for the younger kids.

– Kel


This book is not your typical children’s book. There is more meat to this story. It follows a boy struggling with a difficult challenge and his will to succeed through adversity. The moral of this story is important for everyone to understand, young and old. Never give up!

– Mike Keller


This book was awesome! I love the Dr Suess style of writing – made it easy to read and kept the kids attention with the fun rhyming. It had a great lesson for my little ones about having perseverance and a positive attitude can bring you success. Looking forward to reading the next one by this author.

– Sarah Mix


What a cute book! We got it last night and when we got home today my daughter wanted to read it again!

– Kellee D